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I’m Lara Black. Nice to meet you. 

In April 2019 I was named a Salesforce MVP. I am a co-leader of the Austin, TX B2B Marketer’s Group (formerly known as the Austin Pardot User Group) and am the largest contributor to the Pardot B2B Community (over 5,000 posts and comments about Pardot). I’m also a speaker and presenter at several conferences.

How did I get to be so knowledgeable about Pardot stuff? Well, my background is in Marketing and I have used it extensively – and broken it along the way (then had to fix it).

Although I’m in Marketing I’m not really a creative – any picture I draw for you is going to be stick figures.

I’m more detail-oriented, and love the structure of the Marketing Operations side – there’s something about logging in to the systems, connecting it all, seeing how they work together, solving technical problems, and eventually building and deploying things that makes me so excited and ready to dig in. 

Speaking of excited, I love helping people use this great tool called Pardot, and so writing about it and showing how I have used it in different ways is my way of helping lots of people be successful.

Nothing makes me happier than teaching someone a new trick and hearing how they use it. Or building a big, complicated nurture program for a client and pressing start, and watching the magic unfold.

This site is where I write about things related to work, career, and yes, Salesforce and Pardot.

In spite of the name ‘PardotPro’ it’s not all Pardot all the time – because life isn’t just about work. I’m not just a one-note person.

I’m married, and we have an adorable dog (D’artagnan, aka Dart) and bird (Harley Quinn) and they will sneak in sometimes. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll see them for sure. 

I don’t do any independent consulting, but if you have questions I’ll try to answer them, or direct you to answers.

Lara Black

Hi, I’m Lara!

I’m a Pardot power user. Ask me anything about Pardot or Connected Campaigns. I’m a Pardot expert, and Co-Leader of the Austin Pardot User Group.

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