I'm speaking at ParDreamin' 2020

ParDreamin 2020 presentation

Dec 11, 2020 | Pardot | 0 comments

If you’re here following my presentation at ParDreamin, welcome!

I’m Lara Black, a long-time Pardot power user. I have been using Pardot since 2011, and have run into (aka broken and then fixed) most things in Pardot … so if I don’t have all the answers I usually can point you in the right direction.

PardotPro Tips and Tricks

Here are the slides from my ParDreamin session (PDF).

To learn how to make your own Automation Rule, read my post on detecting prospects with junk email domains and automatically marking them as unmailable. There is also a text file available on that post, which you can use to create your own initial list.

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Lara Black

Hi, I’m Lara!

I’m a Pardot power user. Ask me anything about Pardot or Connected Campaigns. I’m a Pardot expert, and Co-Leader of the Austin Pardot User Group.

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